DIY Yo Gabba Party Photo-Op


To accompany Lynsey’s two posts about Nola’s Birthday Party and the amazing invitations she made, I wanted to share this DIY project. One of the many things that we wanted to do for Nola’s Birthday was create a Yo Gabba Gabba Photo Op. We love to have a place for the kiddos to be silly and cheese it up for the camera. Last year we had a bright pink curtain with some goofy photo props, this year we amped it up a bit.  Lynsey and I procrastinated and with less than one week before the party, we decided to go for it. We had no idea where to start. Lynsey’s original idea was to have a whole Yo Gabba Gabba scene painted on a board with different spots cut out for the kids to put their faces. Well she was doing so much for the party already, we needed to change our plan.

We decided on created two characters, completely separate, that the kids could put their faces in. Here is the final product as they invited guests into our backyard.

The characters themselves turned out to be fairly easy. I started with a single sheet of finished plywood from Lowes (super cheap, like $10). Lynsey then hand drew Brobee and Foofa onto the plywood for me to cut. Here is brobee after he was drawn on the plywood and waiting for me to cut him out. KIDS, Don’t use power tools without your parents’ permission…Nola’s Poppy gave me the go-ahead to use his saw!

 BROBEE, all cut out. It took some getting used to, but the saw was easy to handle.

Foofa…Fred was very helpful in this process.


Next, Lynsey sanded all the sides and sharp edges of our monster friends. We didn’t want any kiddos getting splinters! Then, we created stencils to differentiate the separate colors and details of each monster. We purchased 5 cans of spray paint ($4 each). We did green, light green, red for Brobee. Pink and light pink for Foofa. Spray paint was the easiest and cheapest route to getting the perfect stripes on Brobee and the brightest pink on Foofa!


I have to admit that the painting was done by Lynsey. I would have never been able to make these two look as good as she did. Here is brobee all painted.

I couldn’t miss out on taking a quick test photo…for the good of the project of course.


Here are both of them complete sitting in our mud room a few days before the party.


It was love at first sight for Noo…


Lynsey and I did not think about how we were going to make them stand until they were completed. The morning of the party I went to Lowes to figure something out. After looking everywhere for some kind of stand I could attach to them to, I settled on buying six four foot deck/fencing poles (I honestly don’t know what they are called. I found them in the fencing/deck area so I am going with that). Using these poles, I was able to create the stands that held up Brobee and Foofa. Each stand is attached to a single pole using a 1 inch wood screw. At the bottom of each pole I fastened four 6 inch legs to hold the characters up. Doing it this way made the characters the right height and easily accessible to all of the kids.


Lynsey in her plex outfit with her girl Foofa. I am certain that Lynsey would have been obsessed with Foofa if Yo Gabba was a show when we were growing up…actually she is pretty obsessed with her as an adult.





Obviously the Foofa and Brobee were a big hit. The total cost of this really fun and memorable creation was about $35…I mean really, can’t beat that! I have already told Lynsey that we have to keep these until Nola is a teen and bust them out every time she invites her friends over. For next years party I am thinking a Batman and Robin…

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